Stettler United Church


The Stettler United Church Board consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Board Members

Board Members are asked to stay on for two years with an optional third year.

Our Church Structure

  • Outreach Committee


    This group initiates congregational awareness of justice and social issues at local and global levels and organizes educational opportunities to study.  Contact Betty Birch 742-0732.


    Pastoral Care Committee


    This group organizes pastoral visiting and recruits volunteers who greet/usher and host coffee time on Sundays, distribute prayer shawls, send baptismal and bereavement cards, assist with services for the residents in lodge and extended care homes and generally create a sense that we know and care for one another. Contact Co-Chairs Jenny Holubetz 742-3657 or Joan Baltimore 742-4336.


    Finance Committee


    This group manages the financial affairs of the church and recommends priorities for programs and expenditures.  Contact Pam Blake 742-3079.




    Trustees are elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting.  The trustees hold church property for the use and benefit of the congregation and are responsible for overseeing the use, care, and insurance coverage of the property.  Contact Joan Baltimore 742-4336.


    The Official Board

      This is a group of approximately ten people, representing a cross-section of our congregation, that manage the ongoing staff and committee work.  They meet on the second Tuesday of each month.  Each Board member chooses a committee with which they would like to serve.  Chairperson is Pam Blake 742-3079.


     Ministry and Personnel Committee

      This is a confidential group appointed by the Official Board to consult with, support and assist all staff persons of Stettler United Church.  Contact Charlotte Chase 742-8653.


     Worship Committee

     This group works with the ministerial staff in providing meaningful worship within the traditions of The United Church of Canada.  Contact Pam Blake 742-3079.

      Facility, Property and Maintenance Committee

      This group oversees the provision of a facility that is in every way suitable within the means of the congregation for its life and work. Contact church office.



    We need your help as a church Board and/or committee member.

    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the corresponding people or the church office.