Stettler United Church has a long and proud history.  Many generations have worshipped together, grown in faith together and lived out their faith in our church community.  Today our congregation is standing at a crossroads.  The building that has served us long and well needs many fixes and upgrades.  While the building is not the focus of our ministry as church community, it is the gathering place and the heart home for our church family.  It is a place where life's transitions are celebrated; births, weddings, funerals.  It is the base from which we reach out in love, sharing God's love with generous and joyful hearts by housing the food bank, serving Rotary lunches and hosting community groups, to name a few.


Why do we exist as a church?  Because each of us, in our own way, believes in the hope for ourselves and our world that Jesus teaches, in the love that God offers to us and in the lively companionship of the Spirit walking with us.  As we move forward in faith together, remember that our primary purpose as church community is to love God, love ourselves and love our neighbour.  As we work together to renew the building for future generations, let us be open to the leadership of the Spirit showing us the way to make the love of God visible for all to see by creating a lovely, safe, hospitable place for many generations to come.



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